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    • Unlimited Revisions until satisfied.

What makes your logo HD?

It's HD because we always focus on providing you with the highest quality logo, no matter what package you choose. It will always be a clear and easy to read.

Do I need an HD Logo Design?

Well, lets imagine a scenario:You wake up to a beautiful day, and its your ideal weather.You put on your favorite clothes, and  decide to go on a walk for some fresh air. Now, as you are walking, you happen to see an interesting individual, and you say,"Hi!" The stranger does not react, and just passes by you. You then get home alone and sad because you weren't noticed.

So what happened? You were a ghost. Similarly, if your business has no logo, your business is a ghost;unfortunately, your business will struggle.

With so much competition today, it is very important to have a professional logo for your business. In fact, many small businesses might still not have one because they think they haven't earned it, they are too small, and the logo process is intimidating.As a result,  time passes by and clients pass by because you failed to grab their attention;they did not notice you. As a result, you have no clients. By having a logo you will be servicing your business in the best way possible. A branding element like a logo is so imperative to the success of your business.

  • A logo is a key element that will get your buisiness noticed.

  • Logos help associate your business with an image that is memorable.
  • Will make an impression and grow in the marketplace.

What makes a great logo?

  1. Talking text
  2. Eye-catching color
  3. Creating a great graphic

Logo Design Best Practices

  1. Clean and Simple
  2. Three Second Hook
  3. Memorable and motivating
  4. Effective at any size
  5. Timeless, not trendy
  6. Show don't tell
  7. Pro-produced

What type of logo is best for your business?

  1. WordMark
  2. LetterMark
  3. Brandmark
  4. Iconic

The power of negative space?

  • Less is more
  • Hidden image
  • Closure
  • Typographical
  • Double Entendre

The Colors of Success

  • Keep it simple
  • Know colors and what emotions they evoke.
  • Know your target audience and what color will resonate with them
  • Choose colors befittingn your brand identity
  • Choose colors that will make your logo look good wherever you use it.